History of Miraj Vidya Samiti

In the days when India was ruled by the British, three young men from Miraj, a small town in South Satara district of the Bombay Province, inspired by the struggle for freedom, started a school for imparting education to their countrymen in their mother-tongue. Late Shri. V. M. Kulkarni, Late Shri. M. D. Gokhale & Late Shri. N. R. Apte undauntingly took up the task and laid the foundation of an educational mission, Vidya Mandir Prashala, Miraj, which has become a revolution in the educational field not only in the Sangli District but in the entire state of Maharashtra. The school was first established and later on in 1947 after independence Miraj Vidya Samitee was registered as a society. The founder members were also ably assisted by Late Shri. A.G. Kulkarni, Late Shri. H. D. Joshi.
In 1948, the school was reduced to ashes, but Vidya Mandir rose from the ashes like the Phoenix. In 1952 Miraj Vidya Samitee was registered as a charitable Trust under the B.P.T. Act of 1950. Vidya Mandir Prashala, Miraj was gaining good support from parents and in 1962, the technical wing was started, it was the first school in Miraj to have a technical department. Around 1965, the school building for Vidya Mandir Prashala was constructed with 14 class rooms and office. Also a separate building was built to house the workshops in the technical department.
At the same time in 1966, a primary school, Bal Shikshan Mandir established by Bedekar Bai was handed over to the Miraj Vidya Samitee for Administration.
In 1980, the Higher Secondary Section was granted permission and science wing of Higher Secondary was established. It was a foundation for the future plans. Technical subjects were also made available at the Higher Secondary level. In 1985, the science wing got a fillip with the introduction of the Bifocal courses of 1) Mechanical Maintenance and 2) Electronics. It was the start of the golden era of Vidya Mandir Prashala and Miraj Vidya Samitee.
In the meanwhile, Miraj Vidya Samitee was expanding having brought two more primary schools under its arms namely, Marathi Mulanchi Shala Sanjay Gandhinagar, Miraj and Vasantdada Patil Marathi Mulanchi Shala, Nadives. Now the Samitee had four primary schools, one High school & Junior college.
At Vidya Mandir Prashala in 1988, the MCVC (Minimum Competency based Vocational Course) were started.This led to a foray into the field of Vocational Education which was to provide a source of self-employment for hundreds of students from Miraj and its surrounding villages.
In 1992,the Junior college got a boost with the starting of Biology subject which later on provided the base for many students opting for a career in the Medical and para medical profession.
Miraj Vidya Samitee was keeping in pace with technological trends, by establishing the R. K. Kulkarni Institute of Information Technology, through which Computer Education was provided to the masses at affordable fees. Also Computer Science, a bifocal subject was introduced at Junior college level with the establishment of the second division of Science wing.
9 In 1992-93, Miraj Vidya Samitee constructed a new builing to house 8 classes having an area of 4800 Sq.ft. in the Vidya Mandir Prashala campus. The samitee also saw horizontal expansion by buying a piece of land adjacent to Vidya Mandir Prashala. This provided a level playground in the premises.
In 2006-07 the construction of school building for Bharat Bhushan Vidyalay and Bal Shikshan Mandir was initiated and later on completed in 2008-09 building a 3 storeyed building having 12 classrooms.
Today under the able guidance of the Mrs.Ashwinitai Kulkarni the Miraj Vidya Samiti is making progress in different curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. Thus Miraj Vidya Samiti has become a leading Educational Institute in Western Maharashtra.

Chairman's message

Mrs. Ashwini A. KulkarniMiraj Vidya Samiti was founded with the aim of inculcating love for the nation and value based quality education. With this view in mind we have been striving hard to maintain the highest quality of education and inculcating good values along with discipline. The latest technologies are being employed to impart the best education to our students.We are taking efforts for personality development of the students through academic as well as other co-curricular activities.Read more